Menstruation can be an uncomfortable time, from cramps to bloating (and everything in between), any remedy for relief is welcomed with open arms. Going to a sauna is a great option for relief for the array of symptoms that can come at your time of the month. There is no reason to avoid saunas during your period as they are actually a fantastic way to help relax your body during this time. If it is your first time we would recommend doing a bit of research beforehand to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. 

The benefits of going to a sauna on your period

Cramps and abdominal pain: One of the most common period symptoms is abdominal cramps. The hormone that causes cramping is called Prostaglandin. The warmth from the sauna is the ideal ingredient to soothe and relax your abdominal cramps, lowering the number of prostaglandins being released in your body.

Bloating: During your period it is not unusual for your body to retain more salt and water, which leads to bloating. When you are in a sauna your body has the opportunity to sweat out and remove the extra salt and water your body is holding on to and alleviate the uncomfortableness caused by bloating.

Lower back and joint pain: A sore lower back and general joint pain can arise during PMS and whilst you start your period. A sauna session is a great solution to this as it will help increase circulation to the affected areas and relieve any soreness you might be experiencing.

Relieving mental stress: Low mood, feeling more anxious or a bit more tired than usual are not uncommon during your period. Saunas provide a great opportunity for both mental and physical relaxation that can help combat the emotional toll your period can have. 

Some practical tips and tricks

Period protection: 

Most saunas require you to wear a bathing suit so you need to be tactful in how you manage your period during your visit. For a sustainable option we would recommend a menstrual cup or period swimwear (which works just like our period pants but ‘waterproof’). It also might be worth bringing a dark towel to sit on in case you experience any leaks. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:  

The loss of blood experienced during your period can cause higher risk of dehydration and something you should be aware of whether you are going to a sauna or not. Make sure you are drinking lots of water before and after to combat this and ensure you are safe throughout the sauna session.

Short sessions

Start slow and don’t push yourself. Especially if it is your first time going to a sauna on your period, it’s so important that you don’t stay in too long as this might cause you to feel faint or light headed. We recommended a 5 min session to start and see how you get on.


Final thoughts

A trip to a sauna is a fantastic way to treat yourself to some extra self-care during your period. Always be extra gentle with your body when it comes to doing something new like this if you have never gone, however, it is a completely safe activity for those menstruating.