We believe that a comfortable period should not come at the cost of the environment, your lifestyle, or your confidence.

Based on the belief that period care should be empowering, Sokuru is dedicated to inspiring ritualistic self-care that is sustainable, functional, and conscientious.

We are rewriting the story on eco-conscious period care; creating products that are equally elegant and effective, keeping both you and the environment at the heart of everything we do.

Sokoru’s collection of reusable period underwear is sleek, comfortable, and minimalistic without forgoing style and designed to fit you and your lifestyle, not the other way around.

We have pioneered our products to be a long-term investment, universally made to support you on both your heaviest and lightest days for years to come.

We are here to undo the taboo around reusable period products, ensuring the journey towards a more eco-friendly period is straightforward, effortless and truly an act of self-love.

We are proudly female-founded and led, environmentally focused, and community-driven in all we do. We are SOKORU.


"I first encountered the devastating impact period products were having on the environment whilst on vacation in Spain. As I sat on the beach I noticed thousands of tampon applicators scattered across the sand and my heart sank. I knew this was a crisis and there had to be a solution. After some research I discovered period underwear and felt relieved to find an answer. My relief, however, was short-lived. A year after purchasing them, they were unusable and I was back at square one. It became so clear to me that a solution was needed; one that considered the long term and addressed the bigger question at hand. And I knew I wanted to be part of finding that solution.

I chose the word SOKORU [/so-ko-ru/]because it symbolises a state of harmony, when the crossroads of change and calm meet to bring balance and peace. This can so easily be applied to any act of self-care and care for the environment, which is what I hope to capture with these products. I want to offer an antidote to the overconsumption so prevalent on our earth today, a solution to a practical problem that is functional, minimalistic and rooted in empowerment. A solution that gives peace of mind when you need it most."

— Arune Daunoraviciute, Founder


We designed our packaging to protect your products and the planet. To be absolutely sure our packaging creates as little waste as possible, we got rid of anything extra.

There are no paper flyers, everything you need to know has been printed directly on the packaging. The shipping envelope is made of recycled cardboard that you can confidently toss in the recycling bin to be recycled again.

The fight against climate change is a major motivator for us to keep making reusable period products. The benefits of switching from disposable to reusable are too good to pass up at this point. We’re excited to be a part of the sustainability movement, and we’re dedicated to creating a safe future for generations to come.