A period-care solution that prioritises personal comfort and the environment? Yes — they do exist and we’re here to tell you what all the hype is about.

Period underwear have taken the world by storm in recent years with people wanting to make the switch to more eco-friendly solutions in their daily lives, and periods are no exception. Not only do they provide an environmentally conscious option to period-care, they also have a range of other benefits too; they’re comfortable, easy to wash and care for plus you can get them in all sorts of styles and sizes to exactly fit you and your lifestyle. If you are curious about making the switch or already have, keep reading for all our tips and tricks for first time period pants wearers.


So what exactly are period pants? And how do they work?


Before the words “period pants” put you off, let us reassure you - period pants  look and feel just like regular underwear that you might wear on a daily basis but, what makes them different is that they are made with absorbent, anti-microbial and leakproof layers that are designed to absorb menstrual blood and keep you dry. So they replace all other disposable period protection products you might have reached for previously, like tampons or pads. You can wash them, wear them again and reuse them for every cycle.


Top 3 reasons why you should make the switch to period underwear


Better for the environment

The disposal of single-use period products, including pads, tampons and applicators creates 200,000 tonnes of waste in UK landfills each year (source) . That's a lot of waste you can easily eliminate by switching to reusable period pants. While there is much more work to be done to combat climate change, we believe this is a good start.

Long-term investment

On average, most menstruators will spend upwards of £5,000 over a lifetime on period products alone (source). Opting instead for reusable period products means you are making a one, maybe two-time purchase (depending on how many you prefer to have on hand), that will last you years.

Fits you and your lifestyle

Here at SOKORU one of our priorities was to design period pants that fit you and your lifestyle. Your life, style, activities should not be impacted by your monthly cycle. Period underwear are designed with the modern menstrator in mind, with different sizes and styles to choose from, so you feel like yourself - even on your period.

FAQs for first time period pants wearers


How do I care for my period pants?

There are a few options when it comes to washing your period pants. When you are finished using a pair simply rinse them out with warm water till it runs clear and hang them to dry ready to go into your next load of ‘darks’ in the washing machine. Make sure to skip the fabric softener if you are washing them in a washing machine too. Alternatively, you can wash them by hand with soap in the sink or in the shower! Either way, always leave them to air dry. 

How often should I change my period underwear?

As a first time period wearer it can take a little trial and error to work out how long you can wear a pair of period pants before you change. A good rule to follow; if you feel any sort of dampness in the crotch area you should change! Our users have found it easiest to wear one pair for the day and switch for bedtime. 

Do I still need to wear a pad or use a tampon? 

Here at SOKORU we have designed our period pants to be a total replacement of all disposable period care products. However, if you are just getting started and want the extra protection for comfort, they can also be paired with tampons or cups.


Making the switch to period pants

We understand that making the switch to period pants can feel like a big change, especially if you have never considered reusable period care. Our hope is to help support you through the process and remind you of the beautiful benefits they offer for both you and the environment.